Welcoming home Candy and Patty

When Chandra emailed me some 1.5 years ago about documenting the adoption of her two girls Candy and Patty, I was really honored. It had been a four-year journey that was ending in a happy celebration with family and friends - on National Adoption Day, no less. 

Adoption is to me a tremendously noble endeavor. Everyone knows that but really, why? Because it takes so much more than just wanting to help a kid out without really knowing what you're in for, especially when you have never been a parent before. It's like volunteering to do surgery when you're, say, a photographer. As a parent of people that had sprung from my own loins, I have spent the last 12 years wondering what the heck I'm doing. 

Just this morning, I had to drive in the rain chasing after my middle schooler on the bus, to tell her to 1. turn on her phone 2. that her teacher emailed to say she was going to lose all her credit for an assignment for forgetting to put her name on it and that she had five minutes to rectify it if she only wanted to lose 5 credits.

Other saner parents would let their kid suffer the consequences. Me? Like I said, I really don't know what I'm doing. All I could think of was, why didn't I check my email last night so I could tell her this morning? 

Dearest Chandra and Andrew: Looking at your little family and your community gather around you, I'm not sure who's luckier - the girls or you. And I'm lucky for having met all of you!